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A Day at the Reindeer Farm including Reindeer and Snowmobile Sleigh Ride
€190.00 / 7 h


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Welcome to visit authentic reindeer farm on countryside! We are a reindeer herder family and our ranch is traditional and authentic and not just built for tourists.

We at Porohaka wish to introduce you to the tradition of reindeer herding. The group size of the travelers arriving to us is small, so we can offer you personal service and tell you in detail what reindeer herding is. We welcome you with open arms! 



During this tour you are able to

  • see big amount of reindeer

  • feed reindeer 

  • get snowmobile sleigh ride accross the forest

  • get reindeer sleigh ride

  • see very sparsely-populated area outside city town

  • learn lots of thing about reindeer herding and reindeer

  • enjoy delicious traditional reindeer meat soup 

  • get needed extra warm clothes

  • try traditional Finnish kicksledding

  • get warm beverages and unforgettable experiences in Laplander's hut by the campfire 

  • get free return transportation from Rovaniemi City and Santa Claus Village

  • see traditional reindeer herder family

  • get genuine and original experience like our life and reindeer herding is as usual

The transportation leaves from Rovaniemi at 10.00 o´clock/10 am. The drive to our home is about one hour. After we arrive, we will check that everyone´s clothing is warm enough as we don´t want anyone to get cold. We kindly recommend that you dress warmly enough, but don´t worry, we have extra clothing for you if you need it! 

The day begins with a visit to our reindeer farm. To get there, we will take a short snowmobile ride from our home with you sitting comfortably in a sleigh pulled by the snowmobile. After arriving to the reindeer farm, it is time to feed the reindeer. We will take the reindeer food with us on the sleigh and move inside the enclosure where the reindeer stay. In the enclosure the moving happens with a sleigh pulled by a snowmobile. You will get to sit on the sleigh and watch as the reindeer come close as we feed them. We will take a short stop halfway through the feeding, so that you have enough time to observe. Reindeer are friendly but naturally shy, so remember that our actions should be calm. We will spend about an hour in the reindeer enclosure. 

After arriving back to our home, we will enjoy a traditional Finnish reindeer meat soup. We kindly ask you to inform us in advance if you have any allergies or if you wish to enjoy a vegetarian option. During the lunch we will also tell you more about reindeer herding. 

After enjoying the lunch, we will have a reindeer sleigh ride! After preparing the reindeer, the ride can begin. You will get to sit warmly in a sleigh pulled by the reindeer as we travel through the beautiful forest. Our ride is as long as 2 kilometers long and takes about an hour! The ride is held by an experienced and trustworthy reindeer herder. During the ride you will also have an opportunity to take pictures with the reindeer. 

At the end of the day we will enjoy warm beverages by the fire in our Laplander´s hut. You will have the chance to ask questions and share your thoughts about the day.  

The transportation back to Rovaniemi leaves approximately at 15.30 o´clock/ 3.30 pm, so that you will have plenty of time to participate in other activities when you get back to Rovaniemi.  



- Transportation for an additional fee from Rovaniemi and back to Rovaniemi 

- Extra clothing, if needed 

- Visit to our reindeer farm to feed the reindeer 

- Warm Lunch 

- Reindeer sleigh ride (2km)

- Snowmobile sleigh ride

- Hot beverages and a local pastry   


What to bring

Your warm winter clothes.



- 9.30 (AM) Arctic Treehouse Hotel (in front of Restaurant Rakas)

- 9.30 (AM) Nova Skyland Hotel (in front of restaurant building) 

- 9.30 (AM) Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle (in front of Restaurant Arctic Eye)

- 9.30 (AM) Santa Claus Holiday Village (in front of reception building) 

- 9.45 (AM) Chalet Hotel Rovaniemi (in front of Restaurant Thulia)

- 9.45 (AM) Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara (in front of hotel entrance)

- 10.00 (AM) Arctic City Hotel (in front of hotel)


Please select pick-up service including right pick-up place while booking this tour.

Please be ready in pick-up place about 15 minutes before this pick-up time. Thank you.

Age limit for child is 4 years. For safety reasons, we do not recommend the trip for children under 4 years old.